Especial Group is a tourism association based in Cappadocia and within itself have some of the leader companies in tourism sector. We are highly proud of offering our life-time experiences in tourism to our partners and our guests.

Especial Group, offers the best service and product to all our guests, working on transmitting the brand’s value of the region to next generations. On this way, from the smallest sector to the biggest organization, we accept these values as our principals:

-       Pass our experience to next generations

-       Transparency

-       Trust

-       Improve the brand’s value

-       Offer service with quality

-       Client satisfaction

-       Priority to etic values of tourism

Our active brands in Cappadocia region is Yunak Evleri Hotel, Mithra Cave Hotel, Universal Balloon, Anthesis Travel, Tulipia Spa & Hammam, Ozsoy Aparts.