Mithra Terrace Restaurant

Start up the day; a cup of hot coffee and breakfast at our open buffet which is decorated with rich varieties of magnificent Cappadocia scenery, fairy chimneys and hot air balloons flights from the first lights of the day.

Make your time unforgettable by taking shots at our terraces which are decorated for your life memory while you are catching the sun rise of Cappadocia and that will glad us to join Mithra family by sharing your photos with  # MithraCaveHotel.

You can have local and delicious meals which are cooked in the clay’s that made by Red Rider’s soil. These kitchen experiences comes over 4000 thousands year back. Need to add your to to list to try, Testi Kebab or Güveç which is cooked in clay or local wheat soup with Panorama of Cappadocia

You can also add  marriage proposel to your memory book with special and unforgettable moments at our terrace.

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