ANTHESIS TRAVEL is a brand new tourism agency founded by professionals with years of experience in different areas: tourism agents and managers, hotel managers and guides upon values of respect and kindness for nature and people, putting guest’s satisfaction into the center and desire to share the breathtaking beauty of Turkey. We have a large range of services; from groups to individual reservations and special packages totally organized as personalized whether it be for a team building event, wedding, leisure package tours, holiday, adventurous cultural tour or religious tour ensuring that the guests can enjoy an intimate and comfortable service.

Our main goal is to develop a new concept of tourism, incorporating new technologies to make a better use of our knowledge, getting closer to perfection day by day, and ensure to deliver the very best experience our guests can expect.

We aim to add a different touch to Turkey’s Tourism by being more efficient, connected and pro-active, by taking advantage of the large network of our Professional team and by understanding the very needs of each of our clients. We have a strong partnership network with key preferred travel suppliers worldwide, as well as the ability and expertise to provide tailor-made breaks based on client’s preference and budget by supplying from local and regional tours, international and national airfares to hotel accommodation, resort packages, ski and cruises... Apart from that we offer foreign exchange, travel insurance and visa services.

Anthesis Travel forms part of the Especial group, a listed company specializing in travel and tourism companies in such areas as hospitality, tour operating, corporate retail travel and leisure travel. 

Our great values place our staff at the center of our strategy, ensuring that only outstanding consultants who are passionate about travel join our team. Our commitment, in addition to an extraordinary focus on product and destination training leads to a superlative customer experience.

Welcome to a new time in tourism.

Anthesis Travel: creativity and innovation making your wishes come true!

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