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At the foot of the cliff stands the hotel's main lobby. Housed in a 19th century Greek mansion, the main building exudes a kind of sophisticated
        charm. Within the stone building, cozy meeting rooms provide a soothing atmosphere for lounging in the evening. Alongside a room with computer
        and wireless Internet connection, the music room has a wide variety of CDs you can borrow and the TV room is decked out in plush Turkish cushions
        with a view of the surrounding cliffs. There is a DVD room on the second floor decorated with local handmade pottery accessories, candles, and a
        lovely furnace.
            Evenings are characterized by sunset gatherings on soft upholstered Turkish pillows warmed by an outdoor fireplace. Candlelight dining is
        offered on the adjacent rooftop terrace. Yunak Evleri also offers a beautifully designed outdoor pool and Spa&Turkish Bath center which is carved
        totally in cave, located center of the hotel .Yunak Evleri opened its doors to its guests in 2000 and since then has hosted around 200,000 travellers
        from all regions of the world.
            Listed in various prominent guidebooks' top hotels lists, Yunak Evleri has created a peaceful balance between modern today and traditional
        past. With its convenient location in the center of Ürgüp, Yunak Evleri is a perfect base for daily excursions within Cappadocia.
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