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                  Mithra Cave Hotel
                  t: +90 (384) 271 22 95
                  f: +90 (384) 271 22 96

            Mithra Cave Cappadocia is a collection of renovated residences in the old upper part of Göreme village.  While in the making, our main
        purpose had been to keep the original characteristics of local architecture while adding modern features in harmony with the old.  Our rooms
        are made into the caves of Cappadocia with comfort of our guests in mind.  Since before Hitities, locals of this region have been living in the
        caves, and stone houses, which are made with stones cut out of the same materials that make the caves of Cappadocia.  At Mithra Cave, our
        mission is to offer the best of both types of residences for our guests who come from all over the world.  We are located in the heart of
        Cappadocia, in Göreme Village, which is centrally located in the Goreme National Park.
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